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Discover your DNA, Engage your People, Design your Future!

Moving forward is challenging when you don’t know where you’re headed, but your organization’s past can guide you to your future.

Each organization has historical DNA that contributed to its present culture, and influences its future possibilities.

A powerful way to understand what’s happening today is to look back and reflect on the truth of what happened yesterday

Your organization’s core message must inspire your people to breathe life into your values. Make it a message worth remembering.

Establish two or three timeless guiding principle that will not only serve you in the present, but also guide you in the future.

Your organization’s culture is the invisible water in which you swim. It’s what’s left when there’s nobody left to blame

Your history doesn’t limit what you can become. DNA and organizations inevitably change over time. Change for the better!

An organization’s DNA is inherited, but it isn’t static. Just as in nature, beneficial mutations help you change and evolve.

Your organization’s DNA and culture define its identity. They are the foundation of who you are and what you stand for.

DNA isn’t just for humans. Organizations share a cultural genetic code that makes them unique and binds their people together.

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